DM-natt Norrbotten 2018 (22/09/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ormberget, Luleå
Organiser: OK Renen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: H60 (night-O)
Fine evening, ca 12 degrees, with aurora! My first Night-O for a long time, so unsurprisingly it wasn't error-free! Lost a couple of minutes at no. 1 (no reflector on the control didn't help) and another one at no. 2, one and a half at no. 4 (but did a good job on no. 3!) and 8 or more at no. 5. Henry Barsk had taken in 6 mins on me by then - we found no. 5 together and then tandemed round the rest of the course. About 16 mins of errors according to WinSplits. Finished 5th of 6 in H60.
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DM-natt Norrbotten 2018 (22/09/2018) DM-natt Norrbotten 2018 (22/09/2018)