WMOC 2017 long final (29/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hedley Dunes, Woodhill Forest, Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: M60A
Time lost at no. 4 (ca 2:45), 5 (ca 1:15), 6 (ca 0:30), 12 (ca 1:30) and 15 (ca 1:30).
36th/72 (exactly halfway down the field in the A-final!)

Comments at the time:
Overcast, ca 18 degrees C, some early rain but OK when I ran in early afternoon in the A final of H60. An error at 4 (compounded by then missing 5 as well and being slow to 6) after quite a good start then another smallish error at 12 and a bigger one at 15 for good measure meant I only placed 36th (was aiming for top 30) of 72 starters (was in the top half of the A final, just...). About 8 mins worth of errors according to WinSplits
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WMOC 2017 long final (29/04/2017) WMOC 2017 long final (29/04/2017)