O-Ringen Kolmården, etapp 5 (27/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ågelsjöbergen
Organiser: O-Ringen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Chasing start
Fine and hot again, 25 degrees. I made the chasing start in H60 reasonably comfortably this year (71 mins behind the leader, well clear of the 90 min cut-off for 15 second starts), so started at 10:26. Not a very good run (well off-course to no. 2, which cost me 4.5 mins) and searched the wrong area (just outside the ring) at no. 10 and dropped another 2.5 mins. Total errors about 7.5 mins. Was still good enough for 64= out of 111 starters, and more importantly, I actually climbed one place to 55th overall. Wasn't slowed down significantly by putting a hole in my right hand on the way to no. 9 - was able to follow Mario Meier who had just recaught me and passed me while I stopped the bleeding (by making a fist with that hand) and could concentrate on my own navigation again to no. 10. It needed a suture and a week of antibiotics to avoid infection...
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O-Ringen Kolmården, etapp 5 (27/07/2019) O-Ringen Kolmården, etapp 5 (27/07/2019)