O-Ringen Kolmården, etapp 3 (25/07/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kvillinge
Organiser: O-Ringen
Country: Sweden
Day 3 of O-Ringen Kolmården, Kyrketappen, Kvillinge. Fine and 27 degrees but not too bad in the forest. Another steady run (my best placing of the week, with 61st of 119 in H60 for 61st overall so far). Had lost contact with the map on the way to no. 3 and stumbled over the control (may only have cost me 30 secs of hesitation) and overran no. 6 (perhaps 1 min). Later start (11:15) maybe not such a big advantage today because of the heat, though the tracking always helps.
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O-Ringen Kolmården, etapp 3 (25/07/2019) O-Ringen Kolmården, etapp 3 (25/07/2019)