DM Ultra Long, Piteå (25/08/2019)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vallsberget
Organiser: Piteå IF
Country: Sweden
Errors at control 3 and 6 and slowest splits to control 1, 10 and 19. WinSplits only gives me 4 minutes in errors, however.

Good legs to control 4 (fastest of the 7 competitors), 5 (2nd), 11 (3rd), 22 (2nd), 23 (3rd) and equal fastest on the run-in (unheard of!) - those last few because I was head-to-head with Tore Eriksson (Arvidsjaur).
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Rick McGregor: Number 3 is the one that looks like "32" with number 4 up and left and number 5 on the next hill to the left ("1144/5/2")...
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DM Ultra Long, Piteå (25/08/2019) DM Ultra Long, Piteå (25/08/2019)