IFK Kiruna training event (17/08/2021)
Category: Training event
Map/area: Laxforsen
Organiser: Conny Nilimaa, IFK Kiruna
Country: Sweden
Lost a couple of minutes at no. 1 (the diagonal N lines threw me...), and was a little to the right in the ring at no. 3. Lost map contact halfway along the leg to no. 5, but stayed on the red line and stumbled over the control. Lost time with some hesitant running there and at the end of the leg to no. 2. Right of the marsh instead of bushier terrain to the left might have been better to no. 2. Time loss ca 3 1/2 mins.
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IFK Kiruna training event (17/08/2021) IFK Kiruna training event (17/08/2021)