Renlunken (02/06/2018)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Råneå
Organiser: OK Renen
Country: Sweden
Discipline: ÖM 9
Distance: 9.36 km
Time: 109:02
Scruffy terrain with a lot of felled areas. Was a little lucky at no. 2 (someone pointed me back into the greenish area) and had a lot of trouble finding no. 6. Several of us searched for no. 9 and I came out on the wrong bearing altogether for no. 10. Dropped too low en route for no. 11, was unsure where I was when I hit the far side of the felled area, and then overran the control. Not a great run, but a useful workout before Jukola 2 weeks later.
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Renlunken (02/06/2018)