Lappee-Jukola 2016 (19/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Laivavuori, Lappeenranta
Organiser: Jukola
Country: Finland
Discipline: Relay
Leg: Leg 5
A drizzly morning and lots of mud, but generally OK orienteering conditions. A better start than last year (when I lost lots of time on no. 1) but drifted unnecessarily far right - realized where I was when I started jumping over ditches... Dropped another min. or so to no. 2 and then maybe 3 more when I drifted left to the wrong boulder at no. 4. Went OK through the next few, was a bit far left to no. 10 but came more seriously unstuck at no. 14 (9 mins?) when I didn't make sure I went in off the drinks station. OK from there. Total errors about 15 mins. 919th of 1550 on leg 5, and IFK Kiruna came 468th of the 1375 teams that finished (1685 started). Our best result since 2009.
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Lappee-Jukola 2016 (19/06/2016) Lappee-Jukola 2016 (19/06/2016)