Älvbyn Lång H55 (22/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Asplövberget
Organiser: Älvby IF OK
Country: Sweden
Distance: 7.14 km
Time: 60:10
Very much a runner's course with long legs to big features near the controls. Went OK except for missing my route choice to 2 (meant to go left of the hill (-2 mins?) and to 6 (drifted left at end of lake - meant to run the tops and take the control more direct, -1 min?). Was wide (left again) to 7 but don't think it cost much, and hesitant to 8 (20 secs?). Righthand route choice feels like the correct option to 10 (H50 winner Frans Wickbom was 1 min quicker than H55 winner Lars Palmqvist who ran left). 3rd of 9 starters in H55 (running up a grade) and 5th of 17 overall (H50 and H55).
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Älvbyn Lång H55 (22/05/2016) Älvbyn Lång H55 (22/05/2016)