Scottish 6 Day 2015, day 2 (03/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Glen Strathfarrar
Country: Scotland
Injured after no. 15 (calf muscle tear). OK run up until then (was lying 80th, finished in 102nd of 190 after limping the last 3 controls, fortunately flat and more less a straight line for the finish). My time 72:09, winner 42:46.
Poor route choices to no. 1 (through deep fern - not smart as an early starter - but spiked the control), no. 3 (both sides of the line - unnecessary distance - through more deep fern and slow nearing the circle. Lost about 3 mins) and no. 7 (should have come in from the right, ca 2.5 mins). Only real missed control was at no. 6 (hidden in ferns and lower than expected, ca 2.5 mins). Best splits no. 8 then 11-14 (a purple patch...).
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Scottish 6 Day 2015, day 2 (03/08/2015)