Scottish 6 Day 2015, day 1 (02/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Achagour
Country: Scotland
Bit of a mixed area, with excellent terrain 1-7, then a road run to reach another (small) patch of forest, then an archery range with lots of gorse (tips from an NZ-born orienteer - avoid setting controls in areas of gorse), some rough open (knee-high heather), an area of green forest (conifer plantation) and finally another small area of OK forest. Good start, then a 4-min error at no. 3, another 3 at no. 11 and a 5-min error at no. 15. Dropped another couple of mins on poor routes to 17 and probably 21. Two goodish splits, to no. 20 and 22. But with a time loss of about 15 mins I was well off the pace (101st of 193) with 81 mins (winner 52:40).
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Scottish 6 Day 2015, day 1 (02/08/2015)