Scottish 6 Day, day 5 (07/08/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Glen Affric South
Country: Scotland
Had forgotten to charge my GPS, so analogue tracking only... (Fortunately I didn't run direct from 3 to 5 as I originally drew it!)

Not a bad run, despite errors at no. 1 (it was at the foot of a cliff so close to the water that I had to cross the stream and look across to find it - bold course-setting if the stream had been in spate...) and no. 7 (where I lost map contact approaching the control, as well as failing to realise that it would be better to run the road and track since any rough open on the map was more like a felled area). A little shaky to no. 6 and possibly a poor route choice to no. 12. Good flow through nos 8-11 and 13, though (9th fastest split to no. 9, 23rd fastest to no 8 and 28th fastest to no. 13). Actually my best result of the week (62nd of 175 starters).
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Scottish 6 Day, day 5 (07/08/2015) Scottish 6 Day, day 5 (07/08/2015)