Midnattsolgaloppen Day 3 (05/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lyngseidet Sør
Organiser: Troms O-krets
Country: Norway
Distance: 3.84 km
Time: 35:43
Overcast and ca +10 degrees. More physical and technical map today, which suited me better. Slow and uncertain to no. 1 and started searching on a hill too low and 100 m short of the control (had caught up 2 mins on Svein Harald Hansen there, Lars Lundkvist had caught over 1 min on me and was ahead by no. 1). Good through controls 2 to 6 (though the other 2 plus Marco Diener moved away from me after no. 5) but should have run straighter to no. 7. Contemplated running below the cliffs to no. 9, but everyone else I talked to had run above them too. Almost caught Svein Harald again there and went hard over the last two controls (with some speed wobbles) to stay within the 2-minute margin. 6th today for 6th overall.
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Midnattsolgaloppen Day 3 (05/07/2015) Midnattsolgaloppen Day 3 (05/07/2015)