Midnattsolgaloppen Day 1 (03/07/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lenangen B/u-skole
Organiser: Troms O-krets
Country: Norway
Distance: 3.38 km
Time: 25:58
Slowish start on the diffuse leg to no. 1 and saw the guy 1 min ahead of me heading into no 2. The guy 1 min behind me caught us on the way to no 3, so we ran most of the rest of the course together. A little loop at no 9, otherwise good. 7th of 17 in H45 (which I ran instead of H55 to get a longer course and more competitors). Fine evening, but with a chill breeze and +9 degrees. Great views of the Lyngen Alps.
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Midnattsolgaloppen Day 1 (03/07/2015) Midnattsolgaloppen Day 1 (03/07/2015)