Louna-Jukola (14/06/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Pitkäketo
Organiser: Paimion Rasti and Turun Suunnistajat
Country: Finland
Discipline: Night relay
Leg: 5
Distance: 9.93 km
Time: 92:03
Not a great run... Errors at 1 (way off course) and 2, way off course again at 6, visited several controls before finding my no. 8, lost contact with the map to no. 9, and finally got it together for the rest of my leg. We were start no. 636 (last year's placing), so 622nd (of 1787 teams) was OK - thanks to Henry B and Conny N on legs 6 and 7 for retrieving us from 707th (the placing after my run).
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Rick McGregor : Started my GPS a few mins into my run - which was actually 95:39.
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Louna-Jukola (14/06/2015) Louna-Jukola (14/06/2015)