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Welcome to my digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

IFK Kiruna - training Laxforsen/Utsikten (22/06/2022)
Среда 22 Июня 2022
Категория: Training event
Laxforsen, IFK Kiruna, Sweden
Fast-paced orienteering on a mostly straightforward and flat course - good training for decision-making at speed. No control misse...
IFK Kiruna - veckans bana (21/06/2022)
Вторник 21 Июня 2022
Категория: Training
Rymdcampus, IFK Kiruna, Sweden
A training run round the better part of the Rymdcampus map, on the controls still out from IFK Kiruna's training event, Long Viole...
Lukkari-Jukola (19/06/2022)
Воскресенье 19 Июня 2022
Категория: Competition
Kallavuori, Jukola, Finland
Relay, этап 4|Результаты
Not one of my better Jukola runs (despite a fine sunny early morning with 10 degrees - after a downpour for those on leg 2 earlier...
IFK Kiruna - Naturpasset - uppstart (02/06/2022)
Четверг 2 Июня 2022
Категория: Training event
Luossavaara-Matojärvi, IFK Kiruna, Sweden
A course set on this summer's Naturpasset controls. Found another control (for another event) first at no. 3, took a poor route to...